LCI - Food Chemistry Institute

The Food Chemistry Institute (LCI) is a scientific institution of the Association of the German Confectionery Industry (BDSI).

The LCI is a nationally and internationally renowned institution, with credentials extending beyond the scope of industrial confectionery manufacturers. It operates on the basis of applied food chemistry and is specialised in dealing with various product groups and issues stemming from the overall field of confectionery.

The LCI is the competent partner for BDSI member companies on scientific issues in the areas of food science, food safety, health, nutrition, toxicology, food contact materials, food safety and crisis management.

Research Project:
Minimization of MOSH/MOAH

MOSH/MOAH-Toolbox: Extended version now available (for BDSI members only)

The BDSI initiated a three-year research project to identify factors for potential entry sources of MOSH and MOAH over the entire food chain to allow their effective minimization. The LCI, as association´s own research competence center, will perform the analytical and scientific work.

Mineral oils are highly complex mixtures of myriads of hydrocarbon compounds. MOSH are open chain or cyclic, saturated mineral oil hydrocarbons. MOAH include aromatic mineral oil hydrocarbons that consist of highly alkylated mono and/or polyaromatic rings.

BDSI research project on "Minimization of MOSH/MOAH in food - Toolbox Concept (Download)

Click here for the interview with Prof. Matissek about the LCI research project on minimization of mineral oil components (link to external website).


Dr. Frank Heckel

Certified Food Chemist

Food Chemistry Institute (LCI)
Adamsstraße 52 - 54
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Phone: +49 221 623061

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