Raw Pastes

The product group Raw Pastes covers industrial suppliers of both traditional confectionery manufacturers at home and abroad as well as the food craft trades, especially confectioners and bakeries. 
The largest share of industrially produced raw pastes covers marzipan and persipan raw pastes, nut nougat pastes, nougat creams, and hazelnut pastes. The raw pastes industry also includes various oilseed preparations, however. These cover chopped, planed, and stick-like products, the majority of which are made of almonds, hazelnut kernels, apricot kernels, peanut kernels, and cashew kernels.

Some member companies in the product group Raw Pastes also manufacture products from neighbouring fields, especially ice cream base materials, sugar confectionery, couvertures, baking ingredients, and essences.

One of the key trade fairs for manufacturers of raw pastes and ice cream base materials is the ProSweets Cologne.

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