Raw Pastes

Raw pastes mainly include marzipan, marzipan-like masses such as persipan, nut nougat masses, nougat cream, and hazelnut paste. Whereas marzipan is made of sugar and almonds, persipan is made using the almond-like kernels of peaches or apricots. Origin-related and generic names are frequently used in connection with marzipan.

These raw pastes also include oilseed preparations – as chopped, planed, and stick-like products, the majority of which are made of almonds, hazelnut kernels, apricot kernels, peanut kernels, and cashew kernels. These products are only seldom used in private households. They are mainly used in industrial-scale manufacturing.

Some member companies in the product group Raw Pastes also manufacture products from neighbouring fields, especially sugar confectionery, semi-finished ice cream products, couvertures, baking ingredients, and essences.

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