Brand Ice Cream

The BDSI product group Brand Ice Cream covers the industrial manufacturers of branded ice cream products. In Germany, industrially produced ice cream accounts for over 80% of the entire ice cream market. These products range from so-called impulse ice cream, to multipacks, family-size packs, and all the way through to products for the gastronomy sector.

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Your contact person

Ernst Kammerinke

Phone: +49-0228 26007-32
Fax: +49-228 26007-89   

Areas of responsibility

  • Product Group Brand Ice Cream
  • Representation in EUROGLACES
  • Social Policy
  • Solidarity Strike Fund
  • Collective Bargaining Law
  • Vocational Training (Central College of the German Confectionery Industry / ZDS)
  • Compliance Officer
  • Food Law relating to Ice Cream