Cocoa and Chocolate Products

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Cocoa and chocolate products include both semi-finished goods as well as end-consumer products. Semi-finished goods include, for example, cocoa masses, cocoa powder, and chocolate flavour coating. These are products which are of course also used in the household, but in terms of sheer volume their use in industrial manufacturing is far more significant.

Chocolate and chocolate products are processed goods. Depending on their respective formulation (recipe), they are made of cocoa beans, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, cocoa powder, and sucrose (table sugar). The only exception is white chocolate which lacks the darkening tone of the missing cocoa powder. 

Chocolate products include dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate, pralines and filled chocolates, hollow chocolate figures such as Father Christmases and Easter rabbits, chocolate bars, and many other goods.

Depending on the individual product declaration – for example milk chocolate, fine dark chocolate, dark chocolate – chocolate and chocolate products have various minimum requirements regarding their respective cocoa content. Milk, milk products, nuts and other ingredients may also be added.

Information on the product group Chocolate at the BDSI is available by clicking here.