German Confectionery Industry: making a joint contribution to environmental protection and resource conservation through proper waste management



The Association of the German Confectionery Industry (BDSI) has a strong interest in handling the required resources in a forward-looking and efficient manner, since sustainability is of key importance to the sector. The continual reduction of packaging materials and the use of sustainable packaging are primary aims promoted by the companies concerned.

Proper waste disposal is essential to the goal of successfully protecting resources. This is why, since the very foundation of Germany’s Dual System (DSD) for waste avoidance and recycling, all sweets and snacks packaging has met the requirements of the waste management cycle. German confectionery companies make a considerable financial contribution to supporting this system.

The BDSI views the recent political attempts made at imposing the costs incurred for the collection and waste management of disposable plastic packaging in public places (parks, city centres, etc.) solely on the manufacturers of various products as misguided.

An indispensable contribution to environmental and resource protection can and must be made not only by the confectionery manufacturers but also by the consumers – through properly effected waste disposal efforts. Packaging of food and other items should generally be correctly disposed of as waste and should not be carelessly dropped in parks, forests, or on the street. This is particularly important from an ecological standpoint – for it is only recyclable materials from packaging collected in yellow bag/yellow bin collection containers or in waste glass and waste paper containers that remain within the waste management cycle. Everything that ends up in the park or on the pavement is lost to the waste management cycle forever. In the view of the BDSI, leaving litterbugs free to simply drop their waste all around and fail to dispose of it properly, to the detriment of society, the environment, and also the economy, is not a conducive approach.

Cost sharing arrangements should also reflect the fact that sustainable success can only be achieved if waste is duly and properly disposed of, ensuring it is kept within the recycling system, and subsequently actually recycled. Everyone has to do their homework: the food industry, politicians, the manufacturers of packaging materials, food retailers, waste management companies, and consumers. This will ensure their joint contribution to ensuring a clean environment and the protection of resources.

You will find a BDSI explanatory video on the diverse tasks involved in packaging confectionery, snacks and brand ice cream at:

A supplementary press chart on “Recycling management – confectionery, snacks, and brand ice cream” is available at:

Extensive further information and practical consumer tips on proper waste sorting are combined in the DSD’s information campaign “Waste sorting works”. This is available at: www.mü

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