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The BDSI represents the economic interests of predominantly medium-sized companies in the German confectionery industry. Membership is possible either as a pay-scale company or as a non-pay-scale company. Sector-related companies/institutions may have a sponsor membership. The BDSI's member companies represent around 90% of sector sales.
The BDSI covers the following product groups:

  • Chocolate Products
  • Fine Bakery Wares
  • Sugar Confectionery Products
  • Brand Ice Cream
  • Savoury Snacks
  • Chewing Gum
  • Raw Pastes

The BDSI is

  • a trade association and employers' association with over 200 member companies
  • the representative of the confectionery industry's interests vis-à-vis politicians and public authorities at national, European, and at international level
  • the spokesperson of the German confectionery industry as regards the general public and the media
  • a service provider, information broker, and problem solver for its members
  • founder and co-organiser of the International Sweet and Biscuits Fair (ISM), SweetsChina, Sweets Middle East and ProSweets Cologne.

The German Confectionery Industry in Figures

The German confectionery industry plays a leading role in the food sector, contributing around 10% to the total sales of the food industry. It is particularly characterised by its strong focus on exports.

Key data

Sales €12.5 billion
Production 3.7 million tonnes
Employees approx. 50,000
Export share (incl. EU) over 40%
Raw material processing
Sugar 730,000 tonnes
Potatoes 330,000 tonnes
Cocoa 400,000 tonnes
Wheat flour 430,000 tonnes
Glucose 150,000 tonnes
Dairy products 155,000 tonnes

As a processor of agricultural products, the German confectionery industry is a major contributor to the agricultural economy.



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